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New Costa Rica Villa Radiates “Good Vibes”

Villa Buena Onda
The Villa Buena Onda is the Newest Luxury Home set on Costa Rica’s Golden Coast.

The newest luxury home in Playa del Coco has many similarities to other celebrity vacation homes in Costa Rica: the 2-tier infinity pool was designed by Joan Roca, just like Giselle’s and Mel Gibson’s; most enjoy coveted views of the sparkling Golden Coast of Guanacaste; and all offer the newest home comforts from flat screen TVs to surround sound to modern security systems. So what’s the difference? Villa Buena Onda, while fit for a king, was designed to be an all-inclusive Costa Rica rental home for folks just like you.

One of the most unique characteristics of this house is not physical, but rather the combination of efforts and visions that went into creating the home. The Villa Buena Onda is a ‘fractional ownership’ project, with a group of part-owners coming together to fund and shape the home. As with a single-owner vacation home, there was plenty of attention to detail that went into the construction and management of this home. The personal interests of the owners and guests were taken into account to decide on the best solution for everything from the customer service, to the design to the image they want to offer, and to enjoy for themselves.

The team of owners also worked together to select the best possible team of builders and designers to bring their dream to fruition. The all-star group included designer Luisa Carranza, who has contributed to the interior design of hotels such as the Four Seasons in Guanacaste; pool designer Joan Roca who’s water creations have been featured in industry magazines throughout the world; and Hernan Ramirez, who personally created each and every painting that adorns the walls of the Villa Buena Onda.

To round out the villa team, Costa Rican Vacations (CRV), a San Jose-based travel agency, has taken over management of the home. The advantages offered to guests of the villa thanks to this strategic alliance are innumerable and personified by the villa concierge, Dayana Villalobos. A seven year veteran of the Costa Rica tourism industry, Villalobos works magic when it comes to last minute tour and travel requests. Her presence promises guests a seamless vacation from start to finish, and proves CRV’s dedication to the project.

The result of this coming together of industry experts and hopeful visionaries is one idyllic vacation setting: the Villa Buena Onda. Staying here is more like having a boutique hotel, sleeping up to 23 people, all to oneself with full-time concierge, personal chef, maid service and security. The design allows guests to choose between cozy nooks and lounge areas or open spaces ideal for private events and socializing.

Neutral, laid back Earth tones blend into open air spaces to let the home breath in nature, sea breezes and sunshine around every corner. As seamless as the service is the villa’s connection to the outdoors. Guests enjoy beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean from the upstairs open air chill out deck as the setting sun explodes with color for a daily presentation of the Guanacaste atardecer.

Each room offers a private balcony of its own where one can enjoy the same breathtaking ocean views or spy on the poolside activity below. Two master suites enjoy partial open air showers with over-sized shower heads that make for a luxurious bathing experience.

The crowning jewel of this property is the 2-tier infinity pool and pool deck. At night the dazzling light display will wow guests and set the mood for relaxation under the stars. A covered rancho and swim-up bar mix functionality and aesthetic appeal and draw guests together for a little relief from the noon-day sun. The lower level of the pool offers a natural sloping entrance and a grotto area that extends underneath the cascading stream of water from the upper level, offering a private and relaxing escape.

All of these features combined with the highest standards of service and quality, as developed  through eight years of working with the top hotels and vacation rentals in the country, can amount to only one thing: perfection.

Playa del Coco is the perfect setting for this “Good Vibe” villa. The sleepy fishing village is being roused by the call of vacationers looking for a good time. Chill bars, outdoor markets and good-time themed restaurants are traversed by dirt boulevards that see their fare share of wear and tear by ATVs, rental cars and flip flops alike. The villa was designed to reflect this laidback atmosphere and the natural beauty of the area at once, while assuring unfaltering comfort and peace of mind to those who come to get away from it all.

For more information and photos visit: www.mycostaricavilla.com

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Written by Claire Saylor

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