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The Dry Law of Costa Rica

Some of you new to the country may not be aware that there is a « Ley Seca », an antiquated old fashion law that prohibits the consumption of alcohol for two days during Easter week. Every year on Wednesday nights of Easter week the whole of the country stocks up on booze as from midnight the law takes effect right up to midnight on Friday night.

Far from stopping people to drink, if anything, you drink more; fearing you will run out on these days of festivities and gathering of family and friends, you stock up and fill the refrigerator and shelves with bottles of wine, beers or whatever it is you like to consume, resulting in an excess of drinks available in the house! The prohibition is basically causing more consumption. This practice of treating the population as if it was a bunch of kids is past dated, and utterly ridiculous. It is up to each individual to decide whether they want to drink, or not!

As for the tourist, the matter gets even more absurd; how do you explain to them, as they are enjoying a flamboyant sunset on an idealistic beach, that they cannot enjoy it with their favorite cocktail?

It is about time that this medieval practice was abolished for good! The police should be occupied with more serious matters than to go from bar to bar making sure that they are not serving alcohol to thirsty tourists…This country is just so slow to learn, it sometimes seems so hopeless…Mistakes, mistakes and more mistakes. Wake up Costa Rica, this is 2011. Let the past flow and welcome to the future!

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Written by Mireille

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