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Costa Rica a Top Pick for Summer Vacation

santa teresa

Don’t Miss Out on Great Costa Rica Travel Opportunities this Summer.

As the daily weather forecast serves as a constant reminder that summer is right around the corner, many families are considering nixing summer vacation plans or trimming their travel budget. Luckily, resources and options for cheap travel are abundant this year, and hotels and rental homes are doing their best to attract vacationers with better prices and added value. This is exactly why now is the perfect time to take a summer vacation, and Costa Rica is one of the year’s hot spots considering quality and cost.

While some may think an overseas trip is out of the question, Costa Rica is already proving them wrong with bargain green season prices on offer and round trip flights lower than they’ve been in years. In fact, it’s cheaper to fly from Washington, D.C. to San Jose, Costa Rica ($225) during the months of June and July than it is to fly across the U.S. to Los Angeles ($249) according to Cheaptickets.com.

These rock bottom flight prices average around $100 cheaper than during the same period last year thanks in part to the introduction of Costa Rican routes by discount airlines like Spirit and JetBlue.

According to the SmartMoney.com May 2009 article “5 Vacation Rental Spots for Summer Savings”, which featured Costa Rica in their top five, some flight prices have been decreased up to 39% in comparison with last year’s fare.

The article also compared this season’s hotel and rental prices with those from last year, noting savings from 28% to a stunning 57%! The latter is a special offer from Los Sueños Marriott Resort and Beach Club near Jaco, which beyond dropping its prices on rental villas significantly, also has a “book six nights and get the seventh free” offer.

In Guanacaste some rental villas have not only revised their Summer prices, they are also adding value to guests’ stay with free upgrades, exclusive tours and better service than ever before.

One of the newest luxury villas in the all inclusive market, Villa Buena Onda, is rented like a private resort with a full time in-house Concierge, gourmet chef, bartender, maid service and security all included. The villa just released a new website to better present these special details to clients.

The Villa is also offering revised rates this season with large savings available for groups of 16 or more. The expansive home, which is currently featured in the Architectural magazine Estilos y Casas, sleeps up to 23 people. At full capacity with three fresh meals served daily and a full 8-person staff on hand, the rate is only $119 per person per night during the summer months of May through August.

“Our tactic to continue to attract guests is to offer the absolute best product in the area,” said villa owner Tony Silva. Guests have kept the villa Concierge on her toes organizing events like birthday parties, corporate meetings, wedding receptions and more. The villa also has a menu of 100% personalized guest services and tours, meaning the guests decide when to leave, come back and where to stop along the way.

Throughout the country the trend is obvious: not only is real estate turning over to a buyer’s market, tourism is at its best value in years as competition for recognition is at an all time high. It is a time when the traveler can demand the best product and enjoy knowing they are getting the best deal for their dollar.

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Written by Claire Saylor

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