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Sunset Cocktail Party at Villa Buena Onda

Luxury in Costa Rica at Villa Buena Onda

Last Saturday night saw the inauguration sunset cocktail party of the luxury, private resort Villa Buena Onda as it opened its doors to the first guests. Local residents from the tourism and real estate industry were invited to sample tropical punches as the sun set down at just gone 6 p.m. Situated one and a half miles from Playa de Coco, our setting afforded us stretching views right down to the indigo waves, the shrubbery opening up to give us a near private scrutiny of the nearby islitas (small islands).

For the lucky guests who got to be overnight visitors, we arrived mid afternoon to be greeted with luscious red colour cocktails, luggage snatched away and scurried up the stairs by smiling staff. A much anticipated tour of the property let us in on the hidden secrets of the Villa: individual balconies and gentle, overhead rain showers. Our only work being to change out of stiff office uniforms, we unpacked bikinis and trunks and slipped into colourful swimwear. Testing out the waterworks, the brave flipped out of the infinity pool and into rubber dinghies, the more nervous choosing to pull up underwater bar stools and await a second welcome drink.

Preparing for the evening festivities led to a round of playing fancy dress up. Hours of preparation later, the lovely ladies showed up in glittering cocktail numbers and the boys, for their part, in razzle-dazzle shorts and t-shirts. The party guests poured in and were served up a heady concoction of delicate calamares (squid) and sticky sweet barbecue chicken. Swivelling all deck chairs to face the light’s fade, the sun sunk deep, tracing embossed grey cut-outs of a magic world that had once been.

The after party led us onwards to a scandalous night out on the town, just a few minutes drive along from the Villa’s setting. After the called-for shaking of booties (all three bosses included), we slumbered back to our grandísimos resting places, looking for some kip ahead of another day of – well – not doing very much. Our hangovers dulled by a hearty breakfast the next morning, we dined on sweet cakes and tropical jams, topped up by a rather fancy gallo pinto (rice and beans).

The Beautiful Infinity Pool at Villa Buena Onda

Served up cosy, warm beach towels, Sunday morning was spent lapping refreshing, cool dips across the lower Villa pool. A dash of morning exercise came in the form of artistic water games, the lazy opting instead to sport giant sunglasses on reclining sun loungers. The upstairs was open to kicking back with a film, or lazing on extensive balconies, scribbling down inspired thoughts in private notebooks. Lunch was luxury hamburgers and fantastically salty fries, served even to those rebels too lazy to change out of bathing suits (that would be only me, apologies).

I would do it all again.

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Written by Claire Saylor

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