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Iron Maiden in Costa Rica for Tomorrow’s Concert

Iron Maiden’s Plane Touched Down in Costa Rica Yesterday.

Heavy metal group Iron Maiden arrived to Costa Rica yesterday in their private plane Ed Force One to prepare for their second concert on Costa Rican soil. The concert is set to take place tomorrow, March 3, in the Alejandro Morera Soto Stadium in Alajuela. While the band was met with less fans at the airport than for their February 2008 concert, there is no doubt that the Iron Maiden fever is still alive and well in Costa Rica and Central America. The concert venue has become a meeting spot for many of these fans who began to line up over a week ago in anticipation of the event.

If that isn’t enough proof of the dedication that Central American fans show to the English band, the concert-goers were met with a handful of unexpected encounters with non-supporters who consider Iron Maiden’s music to be satanic or anti-religious. On Friday, Feb. 27, the National Prayer Movement organized a parade of cars and buses full of people that passed by the stadium, a route that they claim to be a coincidence. Other incidences have taken place with passersby insulting the fans and even throwing water on them as they wait.

A few set backs could do nothing to quell the excitement of fans that have just one day left until the long-awaited concert that will take place just one year after Iron Maiden’s first appearance at the Saprissa stadium in San Jose. The band said they are back this year with a completely different show including five different songs and a more impressive pyrotechnics.

The group was transferred to the Real Intercontinental hotel in Escazu after landing where they will enjoy a quick bit of R&R before their big performance that promises to break records for the most noise to come out of the La Liga stadium.

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Written by Claire Saylor

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