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Seven Wonders of Costa Rica

Recently La Nacion conducted a vote to see what the reader´s of the newspaper thought were Costa Rica’s seven wonders. With over 27,000 votes placed, Isla del Coco came in as number one with 85% of the readers voting it to number one. The seven, all natural, wonders are as follows:

  • Isla del Coco
  • Volcano Arenal
  • Cerro Chirripo
  • Rio Celeste
  • Tortuguero
  • Poas Volcano
  • Monteverde

It was to no surprise that the Ticos picked seven all natural locations as the country is so biological diverse and that is what draws most visitors to the country.

Isla del Coco is 330 miles off the coast of the mainland and is only accessible with an expensive 36 hour boat ride and no camping permissibility. This is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world and is known for its ¨buried treasure¨ on the island. But to most, the treasure is what lies beneath the surface of the water.

Volcano Arenal is a must see. It is 400 years old and the most active volcano in the country and has a crater that measures 1450 meters tall.

Cerro Chirripo, is not as temperamental as Arenal but at 12,530 feet above sea level, it is Costa Rica’s largest mountain. The mountain is home to many animals that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Rio Celeste is an alluring milky blue river that is created by the volcano’s sulfur deposits mixing with other minerals.

The rest of the list were the canals of Tortuguero, with numerous tropical plants and animals; the Poás Volcano, which features sulfuric turquoise lakes scattered on the active crater; and the cloud forest of Monteverde, a hideout for the mysterious, brilliantly-colored Quetzal bird.

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Written by alanp

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