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Bullfighting in Costa Rica

Bullfights in Costa Rica

September is a Month of Independence in Costa Rica

The town center of Liberia fills with folkloric dancers, music and celebration in anticipation of the arrival of the independence torch from Nicaragua.
September is to Costa Rica what July is to the United States: a month filled with patriotic displays and celebrations of the country’s Dia de Independencia, which officially takes place on Sept. 15.

Costa Rica New Year 2008/2009 Events and Traditions

Where will you spend your Costa Rica New Year?
New Years in Costa Rica is a time for families to get together, enjoy the last days of vacation and celebrate their blessings of the year past and hope for good fortune in the year to come. The more superstitious population has a set of actions that [...]

10 Signs Christmas is Coming to Costa Rica

Maria Jose of Latin American Idol Helped Inaugurate the Children’s Museum Decorations.
1. In the first official event of the Christmas season organized by the Municipality of San Jose, the Oxcart and Saints Parade, 300 oxcarts hit the streets of Costa Rica’s capital city this past Sunday, Nov. 30. This 12 year-old tradition unites colorfully painted [...]

Costa Rica Trivia: Unlocking her Cultural Secrets

The Golden Key to the Idiosyncrasies of Costa Rica Culture.

Not being able to report on the beautiful weather on such an un-beautiful day, the team at Costa Rica Pages has been racking their brains about the weird and wonderful daily happenings that make up our lives in Costa Rica. Here are some of our findings!

Spooky Haunts and Tales of the Paranormal in Costa Rica

The Old Tuberculosis Hospital in Cartago Has Been the Site of Many Spiritual Encounters.
Every country has certain stories designed to send goose bumps down your spine. Like most folklore, the story lines often resemble stories from your own home country, and have been adapted to include localized names, artifacts and cultural points. Costa Rica is [...]

Wood Sculpture Fair in Costa Rica Promotes Conservation

A Wood Sculpture Fair in San Ramon Educates Visitors About the Art.
In Guanacaste a sculptor is creating inspiring works of art using trunks and abandoned pieces of wood that he finds on the beach and in the forests. Rodolfo Uder uses precious tropical woods such as Ron-Ron, Rosewood and Purple Heart and adapts their shape [...]