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Burning Up.

One of the most famous traditions of the Catholic Holy Week is the “Quema de Judas” (Burning of Judas). This carnivalesque celebration is predominant in most Spanish speaking countries and takes place late at night on the Saturday before Easter.
The ritual consists of the burning of a human-like figure that represents Judas Iscariot. It’s common [...]

The Festival of the Spheres

The mysterious spheres of Costa Rica

Do Costa Ricans Hate Shakira?

Costa Rica is inarguably one of the most peaceful countries on Earth. There’s no army, everyone seems to follow the “pura vida” state of mind and even anti-government protests are handled with utmost politeness by the authorities.
Truth be told, few things seem to irk Costa Ricans. Yet all you have to do is mention to [...]

El Avion – Manuel Antonio

Those who know Manuel Antonio, in Puntarenas, on the Central Pacific Coast, will surely know about “El Avion”, or The Airplane! This is a fashionable, hip snack bar, famous for its food and good ambiance. And, it is a plane! The owner of the Costa Verde Hotel simply bought it for a mere $3,000, dismantled [...]

The Steinvorth Building to Receive Full Face Lift

San Jose building The Steinvorth to receive face lift

Guide to Semana Santa Traditions in Costa Rica

For Some Ticos, Good Friday is Celebrated Tackling a Giant Crocodile.
Semana Santa, or Easter week, began in Costa Rica this past weekend on Palm Sunday with masses and processions marking Jesus’s entrance into Bethlehem before his execution and resurrection. For many Costa Ricans, this is the most important religious event of the year, and people [...]

Gisele and Tom Finalizing Costa Rica Wedding Plans

Tom and Gisele to Marry a Second Time Next Weekend in Costa Rica.
The sleepy beach town of Mal Pais, on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, will play host to an exclusive group of A-list guests and family members of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen for their second wedding of the [...]