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El Avion – Manuel Antonio

Those who know Manuel Antonio, in Puntarenas, on the Central Pacific Coast, will surely know about “El Avion”, or The Airplane! This is a fashionable, hip snack bar, famous for its food and good ambiance. And, it is a plane! The owner of the Costa Verde Hotel simply bought it for a mere $3,000, dismantled [...]

Limon Carnival Plans Put on Hold in Costa Rica

The Annual Carnival Festivities in Limon Are Still Waiting for Permits to Go On.
For the second year in a row, Limón’s annual carnivals may not go on. The Minister of Health, María Luisa Ávila Agüero, has determined that the municipality’s waste removal facilities cannot handle the trash produced during the festivities, which is more than [...]

Costa Rica Theater to Celebrate Mothers with Belly Dancing

Bozenka Will Perform in Costa Rica for Mother’s Day.
San Jose’s historic Melico Salazar theater will present a spectacular show by the world famous Belly Dancer Bozenka, who will travel to Costa Rica to perform on Aug. 8 at 8pm. Belly Dancing will overtake the stage with fire and colors, and will feature zills, little cymbals [...]

The Movie Theater Experience in Costa Rica

There are positive and negatives for theater lovers living in Costa Rica. I’ll start with the negatives first, then we’ll move on. This way, hopefully by the time I’m done writing I won’t be so depressed. So let’s begin!

Bar Cuartel, San Jose. It Never Gets Old.

It had been a few years since I last visited Costa Rica. While I did remember that the nightlife here changes as quickly as Janet Jackson’s waistline, what with new bars constantly popping up, changing name, or closing down, I mistakenly asked my friends what we should do on Monday night. To my [...]

Tickets on Sale for Costa Rica Iron Maiden Concert

Over 5,000 tickets were sold in the first 12 hours of ticket sales for the upcoming Iron Maiden concert that will be held in Costa Rica on Feb. 26, 2008. Servers and phone lines were saturated within the first 15 minutes by dedicated fans when the ticket sales opened up to the public on Saturday [...]

The Cool Costa Rica Bar Rapsodia

In the Heart of the busy Paseo Colon of San Jose lies the fashionable Rapsodia Lounge. It has a passion for modern design with a contemporary relaxed atmosphere. From the moment you walk into the bar, it has a very fresh feeling. The breeze runs free from the subtly-lit back yard area to the open [...]