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Costa Rica Gets Real Through All the Hype

The Crisis Has Played its Part to Realign The Country’s Priorities with its Reputation.

Costa Rica has proven to be more than a fading buzz-word travel destination. Its appeal and local tourism and real estate industries have not only endured the financial crisis, they have grown and adapted to a new generation of discerning travelers and [...]

Costa Rica Blacklisted as Haven for Tax Evaders

Costa Rica Accused of Offering a Haven to Tax Evaders.
Costa Rica was listed as one of four countries on a blacklist of non-cooperative tax havens, published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Along with Malaysia, the Philippines and Uruguay, the Central American nation is accused of not agreeing to international tax standards [...]

Tax Incentives to Encourage Investment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica business Set to Benefit from New Tax Law.
In order to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis on Costa Rica, the Costa Rica Tax Administration authorized a special accelerated depreciation for all new assets (as in tangible property) increasing the acceleration of the useful life to 60% from the previous 50%. This measure [...]

Costa Rica Cheap Hotels Auction Site Launched

New Website Puts Discount Hotel Rates Up for Bid.
The worldwide economic crisis has grown a long arm, sparing very few countries from dropping consumer confidence and drastically slowed commerce. The Costa Rica tourism industry is one area that is feeling the pinch despite its hard fought battle to avoid these negative effects. According to the [...]

How to Beat the Economic Slump with a Job in Costa Rica

The Gentle Lapping of Ocean Waves Does Wonders to Inspire Productivity.
The job market in Costa Rica has been quite dynamic recently. While layoffs continue, new job opportunities continue to emerge as companies look to capitalize on the country’s talented workforce. For any recent victims of downsizing or those looking for a more secure job, more [...]

Answer to Costa Rica Economic Crisis May Come from Abroad

Foreign Companies Offering Business Opportunities and Jobs in Costa Rica.
A group of representatives from 19 Spanish companies will visit Costa Rica this week to promote business between the two countries. The goal of the business mission, which will take place mainly next Thursday and Friday, is to contact new clients and search for local representatives [...]

Sobering Stats on Costa Rica Unemployment Released

Global Economy Affects Spending and Jobs in Costa Rica.
If there was any doubt before, recently released information reporting 15,000 lost jobs in Costa Rica during the month of December 2008 seems to prove that the world economic crisis has indeed hit this Central American nation. The report was released by the Costa Rican Union of [...]