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Costa Rica Real Estate Hotspots for 2008

Nosara Beach
The White Sand Beaches of Guanacaste Attract Growing Numbers of Investors.

The entire country of Costa Rica has been enjoying a huge amount of real estate business and transaction in the last few years, but there are some distinct towns and regions that enjoy particular interest and popularity. While there are varying opinions of the regions’ redeeming value, each one discussed below has proven itself to be a sound investment thanks to the current high demand for rentals, land and housing in each area. But the benefits don’t stop there, read on to find out what else they have to offer.

One of the most popular beach areas for Costa Rica real estate is in the northern pacific coastal town of Tamarindo, in the Province of Guanacaste. Here eco-tourists can find travel bliss along the pristine beaches of Playa Avellanas, Playa Marbella and Playa Negra. This is also a hot spot for surfers, divers, snorkeling, body surfers, horseback riders and fishermen. Tamarindo is also very close to leatherback turtle nesting areas where you can travel to and witness turtles lay their eggs, or later when the young turtles make their way to the waves and open sea.

The area is hugely popular for the many outdoor activities, the ecological focus on land preservation and for the great day spa and night club activities. This is the ideal location to invest in rental properties or to purchase a property now and rent out to tourists until it is time to retire or take up full time residency.

In the Central Pacific coastal area is another popular Costa Rica real estate location in the town of Jaco. Just like Tamarindo, Jaco offers an amazing amount of outdoor recreation possibilities. From excellent surfing on the waves of the world renown Playa Hermosa and other beautiful beaches, to ATV trails, deep sea fishing and horseback riding, the community attracts large numbers of visitors.

This town has seen a booming tourist economy and many condominium projects along the beach and forest edges, hotels, restaurants and night clubs have been established. This too would be the ideal choice to invest in Costa Rica real estate as an income generator and/or as an eventual retirement or second home location.

A final Costa Rica real estate hot spot is quite different from the two mentioned above. The town of Nosara in the Nicoya canton, Guanacaste province, one of the oldest expatriate communities in all of Costa Rica is enjoying a booming real estate market. This is due in part to the undeveloped beaches and roadways as well as the appeal to all nature lovers that the area provides. Nosara can boast the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, with strong populations of leatherback and Olive Ridley sea turtles, some of the best surfing in the world, white sand beaches, semi rain forests, and a large community of native Howler monkeys among its many other attractions.

Nosara is also currently home to one of the most famous and popular yoga schools in the world, and the town center is undergoing a charming and unique transformation under the influence of the various expatriate nationalities.

There are other popular areas for Costa Rica real estate investment, but those mentioned have shown the most growth and highest success rates for investors and for people relocating to the area. Property values in all three towns are on the rise, and the stability of the Costa Rican government is a strong encouragement both for industry and individuals to establish residency in the country.

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Written by Valerie Mellema

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