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Costa Rica is a small country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. It measures only 51,100 square kilometers but its location enjoys two coasts, the Pacific and Caribbean, and has 14 known volcanoes of which six are active. The climate is tropical year round, but there is a wide range of microclimates throughout the country depending on local geography. Although tiny, Costa Rica consistently ranks at the top of the list of Happy Planet Index and is known for its exceptional environmental policies and political stability. In 1949 the army was abolished, making this one of the few nations without a standing army. Its people are very proud of this and the fact that over 25% of its land is protected in national parks and reserves. It is ranked #1 in Latin America and among the top in the world in environmental sustainability. Its fertile land is well known for its coffee production and a wide variety of plants and animals. Costa Rica Pages is a guide to everything about everything in Costa Rica and it's coming back! From travel news to job listings to real estate, this site will have all you need to know before you come and will be a great resource while you're here. Costa Rica has a lot packed into a small country, so knowing where to start can be overwhelming. When we're back, you will be able to review the many categories such as vacation rentals, nightlife and shopping. Keep an eye out for our hotel guide for a detailed description of hotels around the country. We will provide their contact details as well as other things that may interest you in the surrounding area. If you know you want to explore a coffee plantation or go zip-lining, you will be able to find a tour agency or operator that will make sure you have a great experience. Surfing is a main attraction here and there are many beaches to explore; read all about it on the Surf page. More interested in wildlife? You will find that here too. If you hesitate to make plans with no references then look over the customer reviews or find the answers to your questions on the Travel Guide. Staying a while? We will have job listings so you can see what is available in the area you want to settle down. Sort by category or see what is most recent. Or if you prefer a volunteer or work/study, you will find that as well. You may want to hear from others that have re-located to Costa Rica. The Expat Interviews are a great resource for finding out about what Costa Rica is really like. If you're dreaming about buying a vacation villa on the beach or somewhere to build your dream home, you will be able to scan the many listings of properties for sale. From condos to rentals to land to commercial properties and everything in between; use the Advanced Search feature to find just what you're looking for. If you're planning a trip to Costa Rica, or even if you're already here, remember Costa Rica Pages is coming back with all the information you'll need!